Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome back!

Hey there.

It's been awhile. Ya miss me?  I had a very busy summer and now that I've had some time to recoup I'm ready to jump in once again with book trailers, Nutmeg and Cookies and more fun and exciting stuff. 

So, here's the first of this years Nutmeg and Cookies videos: Joshua Dread.  I think you'll like this one...especially the cookies...really taste like you think brains would...mmmmmm....gelatinous....spongy goodness!

Remember, you can always check out previous Nutmeg and Cookies videos on it's page: Nutmeg and Cookies: Little clips of literature to whet your appetite!

Also coming soon, Book Trailers.  I've just finished reading the first of this years book trailers so stay tuned!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


Well I know it's been awhile since there's been a post.  I've been busy getting ready for summer reading!  It looks like it will be a great summer.

Last year we offered you the opportunity to download two free books a week from sync.  This year, SYNC is offering that same awesome opportunity.  One classic and one current book, with related theme, are being offered as free downloads.  You only have one week to download each pairing, once the week is done, two new books will be offered.

Check it out here on SYNC:

What are you reading this summer?  Let me know by posting it!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And the cookie winner is.....

The Candymakers cookies! Yum!  Thanks for voting and I hope you're all enjoying your cookies!  You could have them after you take a bike ride, then go home for hamburgers and strawberries to celebrate: Bikes, Hamburgers and Strawberries month!

For those of you who love animals it is:   Be Kind to Animals Week & National Pet Week. So let's not forget those animals who don't have a voice and treat them with kindness this week and every week.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Poetry Month....

It is poetry month!  The librarians are going to share their favorite poems with you!

Here's our first poem of the month: 

Up-Hill, by Christina Rossetti, submitted by Laura...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Poetry Month....

Aahhh....spring!  Don't you love the warm weather?  It inspires creativity, poetry....Maybe that's why April is poetry month...We are inspired, energized to create.

Create a short poem and submit it to:  I am going to create a short video of all the poems I receive and post it on the blog.

Your poetry must be clean, clear of ANY foul language, derogatory remarks AND anything that is deemed inappropriate for this blog.  I will be accepting and creating this video, only from those poems that follow these guidelines. 

The type of poem is wide open!  Subject can be anything you want...Keep it clean, keep it polite or your poem won't get posted.

Happy writing!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

From the Shelf of the Reading Warrior

Hey all,

I've got a short list this time on my bookshelf:

Here's my latest read: Ink, by Amanda Sun.  It's about a girl who is uprooted from her home in the US to go live with her aunt in Japan.  She feels like an outcast in a Japanese school and finds herself thrust in to a mysterious world of drawings and a boy with a curious ability. 

Things start to unravel quickly for Katie Greene when she is witness to a horrible breakup.  After witnessing the breakup, a piece of paper that was dropped during the fight lands at Katie's feet.  It is a drawing of a girl.  A girl who is looking right at Katie.  Katie is horrified, and stunned, that the drawing seems alive and seems like it could talk to her.  Is it madness or exhaustion that is causing Katie to see living drawings?  What is going on with Tomohiro, the mysterious boy with a dark secret?  And why is Katie so drawn to him?

I've just started it and already I'm hooked!  I can't seem to put it down, it's that good.  I love the fast pace of it and how the author jumps right in to the conflict and it's full of that!  You immediately feel a connection to the main characters.  Try, it, I think you'll like it.

Next up, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, a teen Nutmeg nominee for this year.  It's another book about mysterious drawings and the connection a young girl has to them. 

Apparently I'm "drawn" to these types of books!

Anyway, watch for the trailers!

The Reading Warrior

Nutmeg and Cookies Double Feature!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Wildfire Run....

Hi all,

If you liked Wildfire Run then you might want to check out Dee Garretson's website which also has a game to go along with the book.

Friday, February 28, 2014

From the shelf of the Reading Warrior....

Ok.  So I've finished my reading list that I posted.  I read "Six Months Later" in one day.  One day of sick leave, curled up at home.  I just couldn't put it down it was that good!

Six Months Later is about a teenager, Chloe, who falls asleep in study hall in May, and wakes up, six months later, in November.  She has lost the entire past six months of her life and does not know what happened. She has no memories of those months and things have changed for her, and she has no idea why or how.  Before she falls asleep she has a best friend, Maggie, and a huge crush on Blake Tanner, all around good guy, popular and athletic and who probably doesn't even know Chloe exists.  After she wakes up, six months later, suddenly Blake is her boyfriend and Maggie won't talk to her.  The truth is dangerous, yet the loss of time and her best friend is unbearable.  When things start to unravel, Chloe is faced with some difficult choices. 

I did finish The Alchemyst: The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flammel.  Two twins, Josh and Sophie find themselves thrust in the middle of a magical war between the Elders and the man who is attempting to hide a book, so powerful, that if in the wrong hands will destroy the world as we know it.  It is also holds the key to Nicholas Flammel's long life and without that book, Nicholas and his wife, Perenelle, will die.  Josh and Sophie's world is turned upside down when they discover that they are the center of a prophecy foretold when the book was written thousands of years earlier.  Will they survive?  Read The Alchemyst to find out.  While I did enjoy it, it was easy to get distracted.  If you really like Harry Potter you will love this story.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs is extraordinary.  Jacob has grown up with his grandfather's stories of life on an island in a children's home during the Nazi regime.  As Jacob grows older, however,  he finds his grandfather's stories less believable, until the day that his grandfather is raging about the monsters coming for him, and is mysteriously killed.  It is this event that catapults Jacob, and his dad, on an unforgettable journey that links the past, the present and the future.  When Jacob arrives on the island where his grandfather, Abe, grew up, he seeks to understand, and come to know better his grandfather's childhood.  Jacob finds the house Abe grew up in a bombed out wreck, but what he finds inside is more than he ever expected.  This book will leave you haunted, amazed, curious and wanting more.  Ransom Riggs is a collector of found photographs.  The story interweaves actual photographs with a fictional story that give an explanation, of sorts, to the pictures.  I've never read anything like this and I just gobbled it up.  You will too.

Watch for the trailers of these captivating books!

The Reading Warrior

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reading Warrior:

Ok.  So I don't usually post anything off-duty but I'm inspired!  I'm inspired by the teen lit I've been reading.  Nothing heavy duty, mind, just lite fare.  Although, two of the books on my list sound creepy and mysterious.

Because of my new found joy in teen lit I've rediscovered my reading warrior...

I like cozy mysteries but I'm stepping out of my box to challenge myself to read new things.

I just read Dash and Lily's Book of Dares AND Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink.  Both really great reads and pair adventure and love story so smoothly I did not feel overwhelmed by either.  If you like adventure fueled by romance with a dash of literature you'll love these books.

Book trailers to come on both aforementioned books!

Next up in the lineup is The Alchemyst: The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel, by Michael Scott.  I've already started it and so far so good.  It has really drawn me in.  Helps me to reconnect with Harry Potter again, without having to actually reread HP.  Harry lives on!

So here are the two that are next on my list to read after Nicolas Flamel:

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
Six Months Later, by Natalie Richards

All with intriguing story lines!  Miss Peregrine is on the best seller list and is a series.  Sounds creepy and mysterious.

What's your story?: What are you reading?  What books inspire you to read more?

Let me know...I'll post the list.

Read on readers!

From the library of:
The Reading Warrior

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The book still has it!

Hi all,

The book has it!  The poll results are in and it looks like the book is still your favorite way to read.  It is so great to see that you are still reading an actual book.  My sister has moved away from the old fashioned way of reading and reads on her ipad!  I am shocked!  That is why it's good to see a few holdouts for a book.

Of those who participated in the What's Your Favorite Way to Read poll, 4 of you said that a book was your favorite way to read and 1 of you said that your Kindle was your favorite way to read.  I like technology myself, or at least I like to pretend I'm a great big techie....and know all sorts of cool stuff.  I make it look good: LOL....But I do have lots to learn....

I'm glad that people still like books.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hold Me Closer Necromancer...

Hold Me Closer Necromancer

I'm not normally a fan of the bring back the dead/zombie books but this is on the teen nutmeg list this year so I thought I'd give it a try.  I liked it so much I read the second book!  I hope there's a third. 
The ending of the second book left you thinking AND hoping there might be more.  I mean, who doesn't like a necromancer with heart?