Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In which we say goodbye to summer....

Sigh.  Summer is over.  I am sad to see it go.

Relaxed bedtimes, summer camp, the freedom of walking out of your house without 1,000 layers of clothes that make it too difficult to buckle seatbelts or fit behind the steering wheel.

The joy of knowing you'll be warmed by the sun, lick melting popsicles that make you sticky but it doesn't matter because you'll be swimming soon anyway.

School offers it's own excitement.  My second grader is thrilled she gets her own locker! We've been instructed in the finer points of how to open said locker, and that there are two spaces.   My 7th grader, well, the jury's still out.  She's excited to see her friends again, is looking forward to the clubs she'll get involved in at school.  She's also still getting to know her teachers though.  There is a subtle anxiety about 7th grade but she has good friends that will see her through.

New books, new supplies: backpacks anyone?

It's still summer though! I refuse to let it go.  There's still a little summer joy in the air.  As much as I love summer I do love how the nights transition in to the cool nights of soon-to-be Fall.  So, if we could have a new season: Sall OR Fummer, ya know, a combo of Fall and Summer, that might be kinda "cool".  Because I do love Fall too.  The cozy feeling of wrapping in a warm blanket with a good book, sipping a hot drink.  It's what comes after Fall that I dread.  And we will not speak it's name.

So to you all I say, welcome back to school, enjoy the last days of summer.  We're here, we're hip, and we're "moving right along!"

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wings of Fire: Escaping Peril, by Tuit Sutherland

The most dangerous dragon Pyrrhia Peril, who was working for Queen Scarlet, (a hidden skywing queen who wants to get her throne back) he will burn whatever he touched including dragons, clay (a mud wing from Jade Winglet), his only friend joined Queen Ruby (the daughter of Scarlet).  Now Peril became to support Ruby but he had put under a spell by his father who supports Scarlet.

I liked this book because it's exciting and has a lot of actions.

Two other books I would recommend are Percy Jackson and the Olympians AND Mythlopedia.